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    How to Start a Blog with Blogger Step by Step Guide

    If you want to be a blogger on the Internet then Blogspot is the best platform for you. You can create and manage your blog on Blogspot for free of cost. For creating a blog on Blogspot you only need a Google account that is also free. There are thousands of free templates you can use on your Blog to give a new look. So if you are ready to launch a new Blog in the Blogspot then in this post you will get all the information about creating a new blog on Blogspot.
    First, you need to go to the Blogger website http://www.blogger.com and enter your Gmail account here. This is a Product of Google so you need a Google Account to create a blog. After entering your Gmail account and password here, You need to choose a Name for your Blog. You need to choose a Best Blog name here and then choose the subdomain for your blog. You can also add your own domain here after creating the blog successfully. Now choose a template for the list and click on Create button (You can also change the template after creating the blog).
    That's it, Now your blog is ready to start. You can write your very first post by clicking on Posts Menu and also you can create Pages here.
    How to Create You First Post of Blogger: For creating a new post on your blogger blog then you need to click on Posts Menu Available on the left-hand side and then click on Add New. Here you will get Posts title and Field so enter the title of your pots. After entering the title you can start writing your post here. After Writing the post click on Labels Menu available your right-hand side and add the Labels here. Labels are very important for SEO and Categorised your Blog.
    After Doing all the above steps you need to click on Save button to keep save your written article and then click on Publish button to make your post live in the Internet.